How does True Democracy work?   Users of True Democracy (Democrats) create short proposals – ideas about how they would change the world. Others vote on those ideas. This creates a pool of amazing ideas from real people with direct experience. It also allows you to compare your beliefs with political parties, and candidates standing for election, to see who represents you best.

Can I help True Democracy?   Yes please! Support True Democracy by using it – add your ideas and vote on other people’s.

True Democracy is not-for-profit, and has been funded personally, towards a fairer, Greater Britain. Consider being a sponsor to bring True Democracy to everyone, for better ideas, a clear picture of public opinion, for leaders to accurately represent us, and to make voting more educated and less of a guess…

Please contact us if you would like to feedback or encourage us, or contribute your own services… We need PR, marketers, Twitterers, Facebookers, journalists, politicians and anyone who can spread the word!

Who is behind True Democracy?   True Democracy is not-for-profit and has been designed, developed and personally funded by :
Jon Foster-Smith, website designer and digital entrepreneur
Andy Berti, software architect and entrepreneur

What’s the aim?  In this digital age, the idea of one MP representing 100,000 people is outdated. Digital democracy is coming.

True Democracy is a tool for people to voice their opinions and their wealth of experience. It’s a tool for MPs and Parliament to hear us, so that decisions can be more representative.

The aim is a fairer, Greater Britain, where those who represent us can know what we actually want.

When True Democracy is successful in the UK, we intend to spread it to every democracy on the globe. It has the potential to bring peace, eliminate hunger and redress poverty.

How do I create a proposal?   Click “+” (top right). Enter your proposal, which must be less than 140 characters. Click the tick ✔ (top right). Choose a category, and keep choosing until you reach the end of the process. You can go back up to broader categories by clicking them near the top of the screen.

Tell me about categories!   Picture out category system like a tree. We based the categories on Government departments, adding new ones from there as they are requested. All proposals live in a leaf category, where there are no sub categories, so they can be found easily. This means that when we add new sub categories, all proposals must be moved into one of them.

I represent a political party. Can you publish our manifesto?   Yes. Open a True Democracy account and tell us you are a party. Break your manifesto down into key statements and Add + them. Democrats (users) will be able to compare their opinions with yours and see alignment strength.

I’m standing at the next election. Can I show people what I stand for?   Yes. Open a True Democracy account and tell us you are a candidate. Break your manifesto down into key statements and Add + them. Others will be able to compare their opinions with yours and see alignment strength.

I represent a Party. Our manifesto is published, but it needs to be changed or added to.   Please contact us to verify your position.

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